Improving Patient Care and Research Is Our Number One Concern

Get to Know Our Dedicated Clinical Research Team

Principal Investigator/CEO

Olayemi O. Osiyemi, M.D.

The founder of Triple O Research Institute is an experienced doctor with extensive knowledge of internal medicine as well as infectious diseases. He has spent years working in several different medical centers and has continued to dedicate his time to providing better healthcare.


Jose Menajovsky, M.D.

As sub-investigator, Dr. Menajovsky works with our principal investigator and assists him in conducting clinical trials. Much like Dr. Osiyemi, he is committed to helping the local community through medical research.

Study Coordinators and Research Nurses

Our study coordinators work closely with the principal investigator and are often the ones who contact patients about enrolling in a study. They are also responsible for scheduling appointments, maintaining required records, and managing the day-to-day operations of the study.

Regulatory Contract Specialists

These employees prepare documents and negotiate contracts with sponsors and pharmaceutical companies. Regulatory contract specialists are also in charge of obtaining approvals from the Institutional Review Board (IRB). This is the agency that protects and maintains a patient’s rights and safety while they participate in a clinical trial.